caster wheel manufacturer in china

Our factory is located in Yangjiang City, Guangdong Province, covers an area of 3000 square meters and the nearest loading port is Guangzhou.

Wtih 30-40 workers,and adequate production equipment to ensure the delivery lead time includ :punching machine ,injection molding machine,automatic welding machine,wrapping machine,etc.

We can deliver the goods to Guangzhou,Zhongshan,Kaiping ,Yangjiang or even Yiwu city according to customers requirements.

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Professional manufacturer of casters and trolleys,including furniture caster, light duty small castors, heavy duty caster wheels, hospital bed wheels, scaffolding wheels, waste bin caster,european castor wheels, extra heavy duty caster,pallet jack wheels,shopping cart wheels ,groove wheels,etc.

If you can’t find the products you are looking for , do not worry,please contact us by email or whatsapp,we will check it and offer you price ASAP.

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